UR+ Certified

SmoothTool is a UR+ Certified product

SmoothTool by Smooth Robotics has been approved by Universal Robots as a UR+ Certified product. It can be found on the Universal Robots website here.

SmoothTool is specificly developed to be used with Universal Robots and we work closely together with UR and exchange feedback to optimize the cobot welding experience and effectivity. With both companies located in Odense in Denmark, a close collaboration makes good practical sense, and Smooth Robotics is proud to be a UR+ partner.

Complex welding made easy!

SmoothTool is a user-friendly welding software designed for all kinds of welding tasks. With a program structure that ensures high flexibility, it is very easy to add weaving patterns, offset items, or stitch welds. The software is compatible with both CB and e-series and all features work for both robot types. Furthermore, the SmoothTool has a 3D visualization of the actual path, so you can easily verify your welding path before welding.

The Smoothtool welding software comes with various welding features, designed for all welding tasks.

Weaving (Linear and circular)

  • Works on both CB and e-series
  • Set and adjust the amplitude, frequency and dwell time for the optimal welding result.


  • Copy and offset items in X, Y, Z direction or manually move the robot to a desired offset position
  • Ensures the best weld each time

3D visualization

  • Visualize your welding path before pressing start
  • Toggle between relevant path information in the 3D viewer

Stitch welding

  • Control your stitch weld with parameters e.g., retraction, weld length, airspeed, number of welds

Additional features of the SmoothTool Software

  • Quick and easy installation
  • User friendly software
  • Short training period
  • High flexibility
  • Quality improvement
  • Increased efficiency


SmoothTool Product Catalog

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