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Smooth Robotics selected as one of the 10 most relevant robot startup companies in Europe

The Odense-based robotics company Smooth Robotics has reached the final in the prestigious EU-funded accelerator program Robot Union, which includes capital injection and technological development support.

€ 120,000 in funding as well as access to technical support from some of Europe’s leading robotics technology centers. These are the realities of the robotics company Smooth Robotics from Odense, which has just been selected as one of the most interesting start-up companies in robotics in Europe just after a tough competition. In August 2018, 204 companies applied for Robot Union, the first European robot acceleration program funded by the EU with the aim of discovering, supporting and funding promising projects in the robotics industry. And now there are only 10 selected European companies left in the process, and Smooth Robotics is thus one of the companies that have managed to impress the judges along the way.

“It has been an exciting and challenging process, where the company has been assessed within a wide range of parameters,” says Erik Mønster, CEO at Smooth Robotics. “During the process, there have been various screening phases, where a number of companies have been gathered in San Sebastian in Spain and then in the Netherlands in order to present and argue that your business should move on to the next phase. And most recently, we have prepared a feasibility study, which was also presented to an international jury. So, the joy, of course, is great that we managed to get through all phases, and now have the opportunity to accelerate and scale our business with more staff and collaboration with technology centers,” explains Erik Mønster.

Smooth Robotics was established in late 2017 with the purpose of creating robot operating systems so that complicated programming can be completely avoided. A patent-pending sensor solution ensures that robot users do not have to think about programming, making robot solutions much more flexible and attractive for smaller companies, especially those who often have to changeover between small production batches. Initially, Smooth Robotics focuses on companies that work with welding, but in the slightly longer term, the product can also be used for other functions such as gluing, soldering and dispensing.

“We can only see the decision by Robot Union as yet another testament of confidence to the company’s opportunities. When both such a large and ambitious accelerator project like Robot Union as well as investors see potential in the company, it must be a good sign that we must translate into the completion of the product so that it can be introduced in the market.” Concludes Erik Mønster.

Smooth Robotics expects to introduce SmoothTool in Q3 2019, and the company is currently seeking new software developers who can help ensure progress in its development work.

Further information can be obtained from CEO Erik Mønster, mobile 41 27 37 12 or email


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