New release: SmoothTool 1.9 is available now

We are pleased to announce the release of Smooth Robotics’ latest iteration of the cobot welding kit, SmoothTool v1.9.

This release represents a significant step forward in welding automation, characterized by a range of new features, enhancements, and expanded compatibility.

Let us delve into the key aspects of this release

SmoothTool 1.9 now available

What’s new?

The 1.9 release might not be the most flashy release we have done to date regarding new big features, but in terms of usability, this release has a big impact. With a large number of smaller improvements, this release provides a significant improvement to the user experience of SmoothTool.

No more program looping by mistake

Program looping has long been a default by Universal Robots. Although it can be useful in certain situations it is not desired in most circumstances when programming with SmoothTool and instead leads to an undesired program loop because the feature has not been turned off.

To prevent these issues, we have added an option to disable automatic program looping if no start button is used. This option is by default turned on.

New weaving options

Weaving patterns are an important part of SmoothTool and it just got upgraded.

We added a new weaving pattern called “Back and forth” which has been requested by some of our partners.

In order to accommodate this new pattern and also to future-proof the software and its user interface, we have added an option to configure which weaving patterns are visible/available in the weld and segment nodes.

Unified and expanded error system

Being able to determine the cause of an error in the software is critical for correcting the error and getting back to welding.

That is why we have expanded and unified our existing error code system. This means all errors have an error code and that the codes are categorized and put into a system making it much faster for either the user himself or tech support to fix the issue.

On our partner portal partners can download an error code database, with a description of what each error code means and suggestions for possible fixes.

Even more new stuff

In SmoothTool v1.9, we’ve introduced several refinements to elevate welding precision and productivity.

Adjusting the angle side no longer impacts the work angle, ensuring precise angles.

An option to increase airspeed enhances welding efficiency, while smoother corner weaving allows faster welding with specific patterns.

Validation for circular path segments guarantees accuracy in circular welds. Updated pipe welding illustrations provide clear guidance. Plus, we’ve expanded capabilities with upgrades to several of the power source integrations and added a Kemppi DCM Module (Beta) integration.

In summary, SmoothTool v1.9 is a significant leap in welding automation. While it doesn’t introduce loads of flashy new features, it greatly enhances usability. Key highlights include:

  • No Unwanted Program Looping: You can now disable automatic program looping, preventing unintended loops and giving users more control.
  • Enhanced Weaving: The addition of the “Back and forth” weaving pattern and the ability to configure weaving patterns in weld and segment nodes ensure adaptability.
  • Streamlined Error Handling: A unified error code system simplifies troubleshooting, with detailed error code descriptions available on the partner portal.

SmoothTool v1.9 also brings precise angle adjustments, improved airspeed options, smoother corner weaving, accurate circular path segments, updated pipe welding illustrations, and enhanced power source integrations. These refinements elevate welding precision and productivity, making it a valuable tool for welders.

The new release can be downloaded by SmoothTool license holders on our partner portal.

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