SmoothTool v1.6.1

Released on October 27, 2022

The software now supports Slovak and Polish

Minor changes and bugfixes 

SmoothTool v1.6.0

Released on September 30, 2022

New features

  • Multipass system
  • 3D Universe
  • New power source integration
  • Start button

Improvements / changes

  • New configuration page 
  • Power source connection error message
  • 3D performance optimizations
  • 3D visibility menu moved
  • Optimized particular robot movements
  • Various GUI tweaks and bugfixes

SmoothTool v1.5.1

Released on June 21, 2022

New option to apply weaving and stitching on all segments at once

Minor changes and bugfixes 

SmoothTool v1.5.0

Released on June 9, 2022

New features

  • Completely reworked offset
  • New options available for customizing arc behavior
  • New arc switch option
  • Weld indicator signal option
  • New power source integrations

Improvements / changes

  • Improved blend and weaving behavior 
  • Various GUI tweaks

SmoothTool v1.4.4 

Released on May 22, 2022

New EWM power source integration

SmoothTool v1.4.2 

Released on Mar 14, 2022

Minor changes and bugfixes 

SmoothTool v1.4.1

Released on Mar 9, 2022

Minor changes and bugfixes


SmoothTool v1.4.0

Released on Mar 8, 2022

New features

  • Circles weaving pattern
  • Toolbar functionality (only for the Universal Robot’s e-series)
  • Kemppi A7 integration
  • Weave and stitch parameter validation
  • License information update

Improvements / Changes

  • The MoveJ – Init_point is now a point the user must manage manually.
  • Renamed some nodes to make their purpose clearer.
  • Removed parameters (for linear and circular segments).
  • Changed the travel speed unit (for linear and circular segments) to mm/min.
  • Tweaked some parameter limits.
  • Tweaked the sizes of position spheres and orientation arrows in the 3D viewer.
  • Various backend improvements.

    SmoothTool v1.3.0

    Released on Dec 16, 2021

    New features


    • The specified linear speed of the Zig Zag weaving pattern is followed more accurately.
    • More stable connection handling for power source integrations.

      SmoothTool v1.2.0 

      Released on Oct 11, 2021


      • Improved 3D viewer
      • Improved the Zig zag pattern
      • Improved Stitch
      •  Improvement and changes to the run time estimation feature
      • Updated default parameter values
      • Ability to execute program without welding (dry run)


      • Loss of backward compability
        • Unfortunately, SmoothTool 1.2.x does not support programs made with earlier versions of the software