Smooth Robotics – your trusted partner

We’re looking for international partners to sell SmoothTool to production companies so that welders all over the world can put welding robots to work without the need for complex programming.

Why partner with us

  • Dedicated software company: Software updates with new and improved features with more integration options
  • UR+ certified: SmoothTool has been checked and approved by Universal Robots
  • Support and training: Marketing material and product training when you need it

Introducing SmoothTool

  • Installation guide

  • Software USB key (URCap and user manual)

  • Programming Flange

Welders can make their first SmoothTool weld in under 30 minutes

– User-friendly interface – no-code programming

Works with your customer’s preferred power source

– The perfect weld first time

– Quick and easy installation​

Let us show you what SmoothTool can do.

Freedom of movement

We picked all the best touchpoints from standard robotic welding programs and added our own. The result? Unlimited movement to create quality welds that your customers can be proud of.

Programming with SmoothTool

Linear welding

– Works on CB and e-series​.

– Set and adjust the amplitude, frequency and dwell time for the best result.


– Works on CB and e-series​.

– Set and adjust the amplitude, frequency and dwell time for the best result.

Stitch welding

Control the stitch weld with parameters, e.g., retraction, weld length, air speed, number of welds​.

Offset functionality

Copy and offset items in X, Y, Z direction or hand-guide the robot to the preferred offset position​ to ensure the best weld every time​.

Programming Flange

– Use the Programming Flange to show the robot how it should be done.

– Doing it freehand makes this process a lot easier and faster.

Pre-set or custom workpieces
  • Choose between pre-set parameters or set up custom workpieces
3D Viewer
  • Check if the welding path needs correcting before pressing start​
  • Zoom into different segments of the welding path for a closer look


UR+ certified
  • SmoothTool is a ‘plug-and-play’ robotic welding kit that is tested and approved by Universal Robots
  • Compatible with UR3e, UR5e, UR10e and UR16e collaborative robots (or cobots)

Compatible with your customer’s preferred power source

We support every welding power source brand. No matter what your customers are running, they can use SmoothTool with their existing power source by choosing from our integration options for manual and robotic welding power sources.

  1. Preconfigured welding power sources (for robotic welding power sources). We’ve preconfigured SmoothTool to be compatible with several robotic welding power sources that are ‘plug and play’. And we’ll keep adding more.
  1. Digital I/O (for manual welding power sources) Users can set up SmoothTool by simply using Digital I/O with their power sources.
  1. Callback function (for manual welding power sources) With UR Script users can decide how to switch the power source on and off.

If you’d like to hear more about SmoothTool and the benefits of partnering with Smooth Robotics, feel free to contact us.