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Exploring new cobot welding solutions with Universal Robots

October 26 @ 15:00 - 17:55

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Join our partner Universal Robots where they present cobot welding solutions that have the potential to transform your manufacturing processes. Universal Robots invites you to our upcoming global virtual event, the grand finale of “ReAutomated: The Virtual Experience” series. This event promises to be the most informative and pivotal in the series, focusing on innovative solutions in the field of welding.

The Challenges of Welding

In the world of welding, numerous challenges can arise, such as inconsistent outputs, labor shortages, and the ongoing struggle to find and retain skilled welders. These challenges often lead to bottlenecks in the fabrication process. But there’s a solution on the horizon.

Unlock the Potential of Collaborative Robots

Manufacturers across the globe are addressing these issues by incorporating collaborative robots into their welding processes. These advanced robotic tools can seamlessly support your skilled welders while simultaneously enhancing your overall productivity and profitability.

What to Expect

At this game-changing, online event, you’ll have the opportunity to:

1. Engage with an Expert Panel: Join for a stimulating panel discussion where industry leaders and welding experts will share exclusive insights and cutting-edge strategies. Hosted by our welding expert, Will Healy III, this discussion will inspire and equip you with the tools and knowledge to transform your business.

2. Explore Customer Success Stories: Witness firsthand how collaborative robots are revolutionizing businesses through robotic welding. These stories will demonstrate how this innovative technology harmoniously integrates with skilled welders, resulting in increased efficiency, improved productivity, and new possibilities.

3. Live Demo of the UR20 Robot: See the UR20 robot in action during a welding demonstration. This latest addition to the Universal Robots’ cobot family showcases its remarkable capabilities. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness its potential for your factory or fabrication shop, and get your questions answered by experts and esteemed partners.

This event is your opportunity to gain invaluable insights, connect with experts, and discover the future of welding. We encourage you to mark your calendar and register for this informative online event.

Secure your spot and stay informed about the latest developments in welding technology. Join us on October 26 for an event that could reshape your approach to welding and manufacturing.

a welder is standing next to cobot welding solution while it performs welding